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Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Hockessin Bookshelf

The January Literary Road Trip box is themed to Delaware and created in collaboration with Hockessin Bookshelf. Hockessin Bookshelf is located in the northern part of the state, just minutes from the Pennsylvania border, and a short connection to New Jersey via a bridge over the Delaware River.

Travel Mugs from Hockessin Bookshelf

Our January box included store branded stickers and store bookmarks from Hockessin Bookshelf. In addition, a raffle was held and five subscribers received one of the travel mugs shown in the picture above as a new year bonus surprise.

Hockessin Bookshelf opened in 2002, offering both new and used titles. They offer a wide range of books, something for every customer. The store has had two owners; founder Rebecca Dowling and the current owner, Jen Blab.

Hockessin Bookshelf currently hosts three book clubs and they are very unique. Their "Eat Drink Read" has a lunch and dinner option, meeting at two different local restaurants where book lovers can enjoy a meal while discussing the book pick. The "Mystery Lovers Book Club" meets monthly in the store and the "Cookbook Book Club" meets a few times a year at a local farm, where the group creates recipes from the selected cookbook using local, fresh ingredients.

The concept of working with other local businesses to strengthen the community is very important to Hockessin Bookshelf. In addition to the partnerships that they have established through their bookclubs, they also host local authors for events and work with schools. I was delighted to discover that they even offer a free birthday book!

Thank you to Hockessin Bookshelf for collaborating with us on our January 2024 Literary Road Trip Box themed to Delaware. Please support Hockessin Bookshelf by visiting their website and shopping with them. Thank you for supporting independent bookstores!

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