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Kick off the new year with a trip to the "First State"- Delaware! Known for its beautiful beaches and stunning fall foliage, Delaware is also the second smallest state and one of the least populated. 


Our featured book is Laura Lippman's noir style thriller, Sunburn. Two strangers, one on the run and the other set to track her, both settle in a small Delaware town, spending the summer working in a local diner. They have an fiery attraction as their cat and mouse game intensifies. Nothing is as it seems and Lippman's novel is a page-turner until the very end.


In January our Indie bookstore collaboration is with Hockessin Bookshelf. Located in the town of Hockessin in the northern part of the state, Hockessin Bookshelf opened in 2002 offering both new and used titles. We have included their store branded sticker and bookmark in the January box.


Sticking with the thriller genre we have a mini "Salted Caramel Suspicion" candle from Bookmarksical, a company who makes literary themed candles. Light your candle with matches from Studio Portmanteau. The match box features an foil  image of a stack of books.


The January box is physically larger than our typical boxes and that is because it contains an eleven ounce bucket of caramel popcorn. Located in Fenwick Island, Fisher's Popcorn is a Delaware company that has been delighting customers since 1937. 



The January/Delaware box includes:


Paperback copy of Laura Lippman's Sunburn

Store Sticker and Bookmark from Hockessin Bookshelf

Salted Caramel Suspecion Mini Candle from Bookmarksical

Box of Matches from Studio Portmanteau

Tub of Caramel Popcorn from Fisher's Popcorn ( 11 ounces)

January box letter

Shipping within the US is included




January Literary RoadTripBox (Delaware)

  • The January (Delaware) box was previously part of our Literary Road Trip Subscription series. The series is open to presale for subscribers, where they receive the lowest price due to preordering and taking a chance on a mystery box. When we switch to sales for the next month, we put the leftover boxes available for purchase as a single-sale transaction. Please join the literary road trip subscription for a opportunity to buy upcoming boxes before they sell out. Each box is limited edition.

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