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January Literary Road Trip Box- Delaware

Contents of the Books Inside Boxes January 2024 Literary Road Trip Box

Travel to Delaware with our January Literary Road Trip Box. Delaware is the "First State" and according to their tourism board, they have more chickens than people!

Our featured book is Laura Lippman's noir thriller Sunburn. Sunburn follows a woman on the run and the man hired to track her. The two end up settling in a small Delaware town working the tourist season at a cafe. Their mutual attraction heats up as they play a cat and mouse game, both suspecting the other person, but neither willing to reveal their true identities. Nothing is as it seems and the twists will keep readers guessing until the very end.

The January indie bookstore collaboration is with Hockessin Bookshelf. Located in the northern part of the state, Hockessin Bookshelf opened in 2002. They offer both new and used books, and they host several bookclubs. A more extensive post about Hockessin Bookshelf will be coming later this month. We have included their store branded sticker and bookmarks in the January box.

Sticking with the suspense genre we have a Salted Caramel Suspicion mini-candle from Bookmarksical. Bookmarksical creates humorous literary themed products and this candle is from their mystery line. Light your candle with matches from Studio Portmanteau. Studio Portmanteau is a small business that creates decorative boxes, such as this gold foil book stack design.

The January box is twice as large as our normal boxes and this is because we have included an eleven-ounce bucket of caramel popcorn. Fisher's Popcorn is a family business that started on Fenwick Island, Delaware in 1937.

A limited number of January boxes are available for single-sale purchase. Is reading more books one of your resolutions? Perhaps it is to support more indie bookstores and small businesses? Join the Literary Road Trip and hit those goals!

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