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New Themed Book Boxes

Rows of Books in Pastel Colors with Announcement from Books Inside Boxes

Highlighting independent bookstores was the key idea and the starting point from which Books Inside Boxes was founded. We cannot overstate the importance of this mission or how much we value our collaborations with indie bookstores. The heart of Books Inside Boxes continues to be our Literary Road Trip Box series, which was create to promote independent bookstores. Our second box in the series will be mailed in early September and subscriptions are still available.

We have dreamed up ideas for boxes outside of our Literary Road Trip series that will soon be added to our store as single-sale/ limited edition boxes. We will have boxes that celebrate special occasions and themed interests, such as one for cat lovers. The type of items included will be similar to our Literary Road Trip box, and of course, a core element to each box will be a book.

As an example of one of our themes, take a look at our London Literary Box that we created as a giveaway to launch Books Inside Boxes. This was a exclusive box that was given away to a lucky winner in a raffle.

Books Inside Boxes London Box Giveaway Items with Nita Proses' Book The Maid, English Tea, and Bonds of London Lemon Sherbets

Unlike our Literary Road Trip Boxes, which are kept a mystery until our subscribers receive them, the contents of this themed collection will be revealed prior to purchase. Please sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when our new themed boxes are available for purchase.


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