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Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Thank You Books

Store Sticker from Thank You Books in Birmingham, Alabama

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Thank You Books is the partner indie bookstore for the February Literary Road Trip Box. Their signature store sticker was included in the box. The stickers came in a variety of colors, with the pink sticker shown above, and anyone who purchased the box received a sticker color at random.

First, I need to comment on the store name. As an ardent book lover, "Thank You Books" is a sentiment that I can get behind and I love that this is their store name. It's also great for merchandise. Their store website is filled with items playing on this theme. Even if you don't live close to Birmingham, you should take a look at their webstore for some unique book lover stuff. In particular, they have a fantastic tee-shirt collection. Support an indie bookstore and get some awesome bookish things!

Thank You Books is a female owned indie that opened in late 2019...yes, right before everything shut- down. Thank You Books is owned by three friends: Kristen Iskandrian, Elizabeth Goodrich, and Lauren Cotten, who had a dream of creating a literary center in Birmingham. Although the pandemic forced them to get creative in the early days of their business, they are now hosting in-store events and bookclubs.

Thank You Books currently hosts three themed book clubs. One dedicated to general fiction, a sci-fi club, and a fantasy book club. They also have their own subscription box series that is focused on signed first-edition books. Join for an awesome way to build your library with some very special books.

On the Thank You Books website they have an extensive list of press articles about their store. Reading through the articles was a strong reminder of the need for indie bookstores in communities. Reading the articles gave me such great feelings about Thank You Books, but also reminded me of why I started Books Inside Boxes in the first place. Click here to take a look.

A handful of limited edition February Literary Road Trip boxes are still available for single-sale purchase. Get yours before they sell out! Make sure to visit Thank You Books the next time you're in Birmingham and if you don't live close, please take a look at their website and social media.

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