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Space industry, stunning beaches, and important historical sites in the civil rights movement...our February 2024 box is themed to the state of Alabama. Did you know that Alabama is home to the last remaining all-water postal route? It also was the state where the first 911 call was made. 


Our featured book is Heather Webber's Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe.  Set in the fictional mountain community of Wicklow, Alabama, this the story of small town residents who must over come past resentments and loss. The story has a touch of magic via town lore over Blackbird pies, which are said to allow the eater to receive messages from deceased relatives. This book is heartwarming, funny, and touching with memorable characters. You'll find yourself wishing that Wicklow was a real place!


The February indie bookstore partner has a fantastic name:Thank You Books! Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Thank You Books is a female-owned indie that has the best store tagline, "Find your Book. Find your people." We've included their store sticker in our February box. The picture above shows the pink sticker, but the sticker came in a large assortment of colors and the color choice in your box may vary.


Hummingbird Cakes are a southern treat and now you have a chance to bake your own. We've included a cake mix from We Made. We Made is a Birmingham company that has been around for over a century. Their cake mixes and other products are made by employees that go through their workshop program which provides job training for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Please share pictures of your Hummingbird Cakes and tag us on social media!


Our two bookish items for February are themed for Valentine's Day and from Fly Paper Products. Keep track of your loaned books with a library style note pad with pink/red/white pages. Show your love for books with an "I Heart Reading" button. I love to pin book-themed buttons on to a bookstore tote bag to take to book events.


The Alabama Box Includes:


- Paperback copy of Heather Webber's novel, Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe

- Sticker from Thank You Books ( color may vary)

- Hummingbird Cake Mix from We Made

-Note Pad from Fly Paper Products

- I "Heart" Reading Button from Fly Paper Products

- Monthly Box Letter

- Shipping within the United States in Included in the Purchase Price



February 2024 Literary Road Trip Box ( Alabama)

  • The February 2024 ( Alabama) box was previously part of our Literary Road Trip Subscription Series. When the boxes are sent to subscribers, any remaining boxes are converted to a single sale purchase. The Subscription is the lowest priced way to recieve our boxes as it is essentially a preorder system and those who preorder and rewarded with the lowest price for taking a chance on a mystery box. All of our boxes are limited edition. If you are interested in subscribing, please visit our subscription tab to register.

  • Our book boxes make excellent presents. If you'd like to send this box as a gift, we can included a personalized note card at no extra charge. Please use the notes section at checkout to include your gift message and any additional information that we might need. Please contact us directly with any questions.

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