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September Literary Road Trip Box: Michigan

Books Inside Boxes September 2023 Literary Road Trip Box Michigan

Our September Literary Road Trip Box has been revealed and our travels took us to the state of Michigan! From the beauty of the Great Lakes, to the revolutionary Motor City and Motown Records, Michigan is a diverse state with contributions that have made a big impact on our culture.

The center piece of the Michigan box is Jeffrey Eugenides' Pulitzer winning novel, Middlesex. Middlesex is a generation-spanning, epic family drama about the Stephanides, who immigrate to Detroit in the 1920's. Bits of Greek mythology are layered into the story, which also integrates many historical moments from the 20th century. Even if you've never visited Detroit, Eugenides' masterful prose and vivid descriptions will place readers into the heart of the city.

"Sweet September"was our social media teaser for the September, and it refers to two items in our box. The first is a jar of Michigan cherry jam from Benjamin Twiggs, located in Traverse City. Michigan is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States. This delicious sweet/tart combo will give you a taste of Michigan.

Continuing with the theme, our partnered indie bookstore for September is Booksweet located in Ann Arbor. We have included their logo sticker with the person diving into a book. This is one of the best bookstore logos that we have ever seen, as every book lover can relate to that feeling of diving into a book. An in-depth blog post on Booksweet will be coming later this week. In the meantime, please take a look at their website and social media accounts. Booksweet is a fantastic indie bookstore with a strong passion for giving back to their community.

As we are just starting our literary road trip adventures, a Passport Experience Journal has been included so that you may record thoughts on the books that we read. The black and rose-gold pen can be used to write in the journal.

Any remaining September Literary Road Trip Boxes are now on sale for single purchase. All boxes are limited edition and will not be recreated when they sell-out. Get your Michigan box today!

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