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Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Browsers Bookshop

Browsers Bookshop Navy Tote Bag

I started Books Inside Boxes with the primary goal of introducing readers to indie bookstores in different states. I do this through my Literary Road Trip subscription box, where each month I theme a book box to a different state and I work with an indie bookstore in the featured state. My November box was themed to Washington and I collaborated with Browsers Bookshop in Olympia.

Browsers Bookshop has an incredible history. The original store had a different name and was in a different location. It first opened in 1928 by a Russian-Jewish immigrant named Anna Blom. She named her bookshop after herself and it opened in Aberdeen, WA. She relocated her shop to Olympia during the great depression and sold it in the 1960's. The second owner changed the name to Browsers Bookshop. Through the decades, the store has had four owners, all women. The current owner, Andrea Griffith, recently celebrated her ninth year of being at the helm.

Browsers Bookshop is a vital part of downtown Olympia and located approximately half a mile from the state capital building. Browsers primarily sells new books, but they also have a robust used book program that is popular with the community. Customers enjoy reading staff recommendations and also often comment on the unique gift items and cards.

We've included Browsers signature navy tote bag in our November box. This thick and sturdy tote is ideal for a book haul. Please check out Browsers' website and pay them a visit the next time you're in Olympia! Thank you for supporting indie bookstores.

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