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Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Books & Whimsy

bookmark and Sticker from Books & Whimsy

The second indie bookstore collaboration for the April Literary Road Trip box is with Books & Whimsy. Books & Whimsy is a used bookstore located in La Porte, Indiana.

Books and Whimsy is the first bookstore that I have collaborated with that sells only used titles. Used bookstores are excellent places to find not only good deals, but also to discover books that may be out-of-print or difficult to find. I love a used bookstore for the sense of discovery and treasure hunting, Owner Lizz, does a fantastic job with the store's social media accounts, regularly sharing the latest titles that are available in the store.

While researching info for this blog post, I learned something new. Although Books and Whimsy's physical store is exclusively used books, you can purchase new books through their affiliate link. fulfills the orders, but they give a portion of the sales back to the indie bookstore of the shopper's choice. So if there is a hot new title that you want or maybe you'd prefer a new copy, you can still show some support for Books & Whimsy.

As if books and supporting a great indie bookstore were not enough reasons to visit Books & Whimsy, you should go to meet Booksie, the store cat! Booksie is a gorgeous tuxedo kitty, who is sure to help you find your next read. I love bookstore cats ( or really, any bookstore animal.)

In case you didn't know, Books Inside Boxes has three semi-helpful kitties who sniff around and keep me company as I work on the computer. Slinky is my old-man cat. He is all black with gorgeous yellow-eyes. Don't tell the others, but he is my favorite! Tom is an enormous, fluffy ginger cat who is scared of nearly everything. He's about four years old. Rigby is our kitten and just under a year old. He's a brown tabby and a big ball of mischief.

The April Literary Road Trip box includes store stickers and bookmarks from Books & Whimsy. I love their pretty logo and store name! If you're visiting the area, make sure to stop by Books & Whimsy. You can also show them support by visiting their social media pages and shopping through their affiliate link. Also, their social pages have pictures of Booksie the cat! Now, you need to go take a look...

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