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Independent Bookstore Spotlight: Thunder Road Books

Thunder Road Books Bookmark with Bruce Springsteen

One of the primary goals of Books Inside Boxes is to promote and support independent bookstores. To achieve this we collaborate with an independent bookstore each month, as part of our Literary Road Trip subscription box.

When I first came up with this idea, I didn't know if bookstores would be willing to participate. Luckily, the very first store that I approached, Thunder Road Books, was not only on board with the idea, but very enthusiastic in their participation. They kindly sent a stack of their branded bookmarks (shown above) to include in my August box, and a store tote bag to giveaway to a subscriber. I purchased two Thunder Road Books gift cards for a subscriber raffle.

Located in Spring Lake, New Jersey, Thunder Road Books shares its name with the song made famous by New Jerseyan, Bruce Springsteen. "The Boss" can also be seen on their store bookmarks. Thunder Road might also sound familiar, as it is the name of a film production company. Basil, the owner of Thunder Road Books, is also the founder of Thunder Road Films. I was most excited to learn that Thunder Road Films is responsible for the wildly successful John Wick franchise, starring Keanu Reeves. I'm a huge John Wick fan and I did not know about this connection until after I was already working with Thunder Road Books.

Check out the staff book recommendations on the Thunder Road Books website. The staff offers an eclectic mix of recommendations, and I appreciated discovering new-to-me books on their list.

Thunder Road Books is active in their community, especially with their local schools. They also welcome many tourists who come to vacation on the shore. Please add them to your vacation itinerary the next time you visit New Jersey.

Thunder Road Books Bookmark


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