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Independent Bookstore Spotlight: The Conundrum Books & Puzzles

The Conundrum Books and Puzzles Sticker and Bookmark

Our October Independent Bookstore Collaboration is with The Conundrum Books & Puzzles located in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

Book lover Missy Couhig opened The Conundrum in 2015. The unique name comes from the questions Couhig received when opening her bookstore. Aren't bookstores a dying business? Why would you risk opening one in a small town in 2015? To some, this may feel like a conundrum, but Couhig took the chance, creating not only a beloved independent bookstore, but a welcoming space for her community.

Community is reflected in many of the books that Couhig sells. Prior to opening The Conundrum, Couhig reached out to her future customers and gathered information, asking them what they would like to see on the shelves. As a result, many books with a local and regional connection are available, such as cookbooks and gardening guides. The Conundrum hosts events with local authors and participates in regional events, such as literary fairs.

One of the best things about shopping at an indie bookstore is the personalized, human touch. Couhig enjoys sharing book recommendations and many customers ask about books that she mentions on her social media.

Couhig and her husband, Rob, have another passion that is on display at The Conundrum. They are owners of the Wycombe Wanderers, a UK Football team. The store is stocked with a selection of books about the sport and club merchandise.

Couhig kindly sent The Conundrum store stickers and bookmarks (shown in the picture above) for our October Literary Road Trip Boxes. We also included their store branded Carpe Librum Tote Bags. The totes, shown below, have been a huge hit with our subscribers. Who doesn't love a bookstore tote?

The Conundrum Carpe Librum Tote Bag

If you're in the St.Francisville area, please visit The Conundrum Books and Puzzles. Also, visit Couhig's social media account for fabulous recommendations. The Conundrum ships anywhere in the continental United States, so please consider shopping with them for your next book purchase.

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