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Are you an audio book lover? Did you know that there is an audio book service that supports indie bookstores?

I had not heard of prior to working as a bookseller at an indie bookstore. Shortly after I was hired, I learned that I could receive audio arcs (advance reader copies) from ARC's whether in audio or physical book form are given to booksellers, so that we may be aware of new releases and be able to recommend books that we enjoy.

Through receiving the ARC's, I grew to appreciate the unique services offered by In the past, I will admit to having subscribed to Amazon's audio book service, Audible. I was happy with Audible's offerings and service, but I always had a negative feeling from supporting Amazon over a local alternative. I did not know a local alternative existed. When I mention to customers, friends, and family, I learned that a majority did not know about the company.

This post is my pitch to you switch to for your audio book purchases. allows audio book fans to get the content that they love, but also support their favorite indie bookstore. When you purchase books from, you can designate an indie bookstore to receive a portion of the purchase. It is as if you are shopping at your favorite indie!

Additionally, posts reviews from indie booksellers around the world and uses booksellers, not robots, to curate recommendation lists. There is a personal, human touch with

Likely, you are wondering how the price compares between the two services. The prices are very similar for the content that is the same, which includes thousands of bestselling titles on both services. The big releases and books from major publishers are on both services.The biggest difference comes from exclusive Amazon content, which is the only added value of Amazon over

This said, I think the value in supporting independent bookstores over buying from the "big A" is worth far more than any exclusive content Amazon can offer. Shopping local and supporting local means directly supporting your community. Bookstores are vital elements of communities. The vitality of your community directly impacts your life and that of your neighbors.

As an additional carrot to get you to try, visit their site and you can get a free book. Get a free audio book, support your favorite indie bookstore, and in turn, help your community = it's a win-win-win.

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