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Fallcon 2023

Stack of Books from Fallcon 2023 in Denver

I've just returned from spending a blur of a morning speaking with book reps at Fallcon 2023. Fallcon is a regional booksellers convention hosted by the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association. I'm very lucky that it is held in Denver, just forty-five minutes from my home, and that the indie bookstore where I work arranges for staff to attend.

This is my second year attending Fallcon, and both times, I've visited the expo hall. My primary focus is speaking with the reps and learning about new books that will soon be published, plus anything that may have escaped my radar. Speaking with the reps is a little bit like watching a bunch of movie trailers, as I soak in pitches, it's easy to get swept up in the enthusiasm when a rep really loves a book that they represent.

My personal reading preference is adult literary fiction, mysteries, memoirs, history, nature and a smattering of romance and poetry. As much as I'm on the hunt for books that I'd love to read, I do spend a large chunk of my time focused on kids and YA titles. As a bookseller, I'm less knowledgable and less comfortable selling in these areas, so it's incredibly helpful to have the reps point me to a few titles that I can hone in on. I even walked away with a few picture books this year!

My haul, pictured above, is quite diverse in genres.

At registration, I was given a tote bag with some goodies. I didn't look at it until I returned home, and I realized that the tote bag is themed to Kristin Hannah's upcoming novel, The Women. A copy of her book was inside the bag. I've never read a Hannah novel, but I've heard many wonderful things about her books, so this will be my first. It's a 1960's era story, which appeals to me.

Promotional Tote Bag from Kristin Hannah's book The Women

I received a ton of bookish goodies, below is a picture of a few of my favorite items. My husband observed that the pin would have been the perfect logo for Books Inside Boxes. I have to agree and wish they hadn't snagged it first!

Also, please note the Libro FM stickers. If you are an audio book fan and you haven't discovered Libro FM, it is a must. It's the independent bookstore version of Audible. Also, if visit their website, they often run a promotion where you can have a free audio book for trying them out. You have nothing to lose, please consider making the switch from Audible= Amazon, to Libro FM= Indie Bookstores.

Book Swag from Fall Con 2023 Denver

I had such a great time at Fallcon 2023. Bookseller conventions and having the opportunity to speak with book reps is really what drives the customer service experience at indie bookstores. Booksellers love talking books. We want to make recommendations and we want to hear what you're enjoying. Being around fellow book lovers is the best part of the job. Come into a store and chat with us!

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