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August Box Book: Rachel Beanland's Florence Adler Swims Forever

Book Cover for Rachel Beanland's Novel Florence Adler Swims Forever

Stakes were high when creating the first Literary Road Trip Box. I didn't start Books Inside Boxes with an established customer base, and I wasn't sure who might or might not, take a chance on my boxes. Luckily, book lovers took the leap. I'm down to a handful of August boxes left ,and subscriber pre-sales of the September box have already sold over a third of the product. This is exciting.

Partnering with indie bookstores is a vital part of my concept and the part of the business that makes me the most happy.

Thunder Road Books in New Jersey was the indie bookstore that made the first commitment for this collaboration. I'm so grateful that they joined me on this new concept, especially with the first box in the series. The connection with Thunder Road Books kicked off the box planning, and luckily, I had the perfect book in mind.

Set in Atlantic City, Rachel Beanland's Florence Adler Swims Forever is a WW2 era historical fiction. Brimming with vitality, Florence Adler is home from college for the summer and dreams of swimming the English Channel. During a practice swim in the ocean, Florence drowns and her family makes the decision to keep the death a temporary secret from their older daughter, Fannie, who is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. The web of lies grows increasingly complicated, as family members weigh the desire to protect Fannie and her unborn baby, against the pain they know the lies will eventually cause.

Florence Adler Swims Forever is an intense family drama with the Jersey shore as a dramatic backdrop. Although the story takes place at the iconic summer vacation destination, it is not a typical summer read. A few of the gift items included in the August box, such as the ocean mist +sea salt soap and the beach themed note pad, were included to reflect both the summer season and Atlantic City. My hope is they will help balance the heaviness Beanland's magnificent story and bring a bit of the ocean to my customers.

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